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PANGEA SUN: Modular and Innovative

High flexibility through modular construction.

The Pangea Sun can do anything what a notebook can do and even more: Because of the modular construction any part can be replaced and individually modified. Parts can be reused, that saves money and resources.

A module for your smartphone

Work easily on your smartphone and access your data.

On the way, at home or at your office you will be able to work on your smartphone. Insert your phone into the smartphone module and access your data. No cable or extra devices required.

Present anything wherever you are

Because of the modular approach the notebook can be easily modified.

If you have to make a presentation you don't always have a projector with you or a power socket nearby. With our projector module a presentation or enjoying a movie with your friends will be so easy.

Drawing Graphics

User your notebook for drawings and be creative

Our Pangea Sun is designed for creative users aswell. Anyone who wants to realize their ideas can use a graphic tablet instead of a keyboard. This lets you modify the notebook according to your needs.

Different colors available

Open Source Hardware


Technical specifications and 3D models will be available for the community.

Pangea Community

We want to build up a maker community to support innovativ products quickly.


Developer can distribute their ideas and products through our shop system. This way innovations will be available quickly and accessible to anyone.

Maker Community

Our knowlege will be shared within the community.



High Resolution Full-HD Display 1920x1080 + Webcam

Android OS Module

Octa Core 1.5GHz Cortex A53, 64-Bit
GPU: PowerVR G6110, RAM: 2-4GB
DDR3, HDD: 32GB Flash (extendable)

Windows OS Module

Quad Core 2.24GHz, Intel x5-z8500
GPU: Intel HD Graphics, RAM: 2-4GB
DDR3, HDD: 32GB Flash (extendable)


2 x USB-C, WIFI 802.11b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, Headset Connector

Operating System

Android OS (Lollipop 5.1), Windows 10, Ubuntu OS (soon)


10+ Hours Battery Power

The world starts being modular with the Pangea Sun Notebook

Pangea Electronics stands for innovative, eco-friendly and a sustainable technology. We want to create a positive impact design and manufacturing sustainable electronic. With our products we want to put environmental values at first place. Together with our community we want to change the way products are made.


We dont want a higher, faster, further, where we only use fraction of it to surf on the internet or write emails. This approach also represents an increasing burden on our environment. It is time to redefine the use of notebooks with our PANGEA SUN.

A product from Pangea Electronics.