Pangea Sun awarded by
Land der Ideen 2017

Modular laptop with a social component

In the era of digitalization, laptops, smartphones, and many other small digital helpers have become an integral part of our everyday lives. For most people today, they are also an expression of their lifestyle. Up till now, performance and price have been at the forefront of any purchase decision. Also, the design should also meet individual requirements. The question whether one can also support a social purpose with the purchase of a device, on the other hand, has only been asked by a few so far. However, the social start-up Pangea Electronics from Berlin already provides an answer today: in future, digital devices could express not only the personal lifestyle but also the individual values of their users.

Pangea Sun - social and environmentally friendly

A modular laptop which combines the social concept of promoting people, and economy in Africa using an environmentally friendly approach of the modular principle, through its planned production in Africa.

Replace instead of throwing away

The laptop of the social start-up Pangea electronics convinces with its innovative modular concept. This technical innovation provides the basis for an environmentally friendly approach coupled with the principle of sustainability. The possibility of freely combining, exchanging, and reusing the individual components of the laptop alone ensures resource-saving handling of the means of production and the avoidance of unnecessary electronic waste.

It rarely makes sense to buy a completely new laptop. Both users and the environment benefit from this new concept. While users save money, the resource-saving principle places significantly less strain on the environment than conventional devices, which are often completely replaced in the event of a defect, instead of simply replacing the defective component. The jury awarded the Pangea Sun for its social concept for production in Africa and its environmentally friendly approach. Also, the performance of the notebook convinced the prominent jury.

Social and Environmentally Friendly - Award Winner at the Land of Ideas Competition

The innovative notebook won an award in the "Land of Ideas" competition in 2017.

Every year, the best initiatives are honoured in this competition. Pangea Sun was awarded in 2017 for its social and environmentally friendly approach and the sustainable corporate philosophy behind it.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier supports the competition. The Federal President emphasises creativity and energy in particular as key elements.

An excellent concept for the future

We are very happy about the award in the ideas competition, and feel confirmed in our claim to develop and produce a sustainable and social laptop.


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