Berlin Mayor Müller welcomes
Pangea Electronics

Germany as a Land of Ideas - Award Winner Pangea Electronics is there

Every spring, between March and May, Germany hosts an event with a promising name: "Excellent Places in the Land of Ideas." Between January 9 and February 20, 2017, more than 1,500 people entered the competition with their very own innovative ideas.

Germany - a country of ideas

This campaign has existed for more than 13 years and was initiated by the German Federal Government and leading representatives of German industry. This is a location initiative that aims to promote and draw attention to the development of new impulses. The then Federal President Horst Köhler gave the initiative its name when he described Germany as a "land of ideas" during his inaugural speech the year before.

The aim is to project a positive image of Germany at home and abroad, which strengthens the image of our country as a strong business location. Innovations, for example in the technical or electronic sector, are to be promoted and valuable social and cultural impulses set. Applicants are expressly addressed as individuals from all industries with ideas from all areas since the initiative sees itself as a holistic concept. Companies, self-employed persons, founders, non-profit associations, universities, researchers, and many more could apply.

Awards of the year 2017

Last year's award winners are also the current ones, as the selection for 2018 will only be completed in May. Among the winners, clubs and companies were online platforms, app developers and start-ups, including the award winner Pangea electronics, our company.

What have Pangea electronics been awarded for?

Pangea Electronics received the award as an excellent location in Germany, the land of ideas, for its ecological laptop called "Pangea Sun." This notebook was developed under the premise of protecting the environment, nature, and resources and not wasting them unnecessarily.

The idea behind the laptop is a newly developed modular principle whose components can be freely combined, exchanged, and also recycled. In the case of broken individual parts, it is not necessary to replace the entire notebook, but only the damaged component in each case: This saves customers money and the environment the burden of new production.

This open-source design is one of the most promising developments on the electronics market and should also combine new ideas on software and hardware to achieve the best possible result.

What does the mayor of Berlin say?

The mayor of Berlin traditionally receives the Berlin prize winners for Germany as a land of ideas. In the Red City Hall, the city hall of Berlin, the award-winning people, and companies of 2017 gathered and Michael Müller, the current mayor of the capital congratulated the prize winners on their ideas and awards. This is yet another proof of Berlin's innovative character. The capital is an extremely productive and fertile ground for ideas and new solutions.


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