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Pangea Mercury is the first modular device that fits to your individual needs. We created Pangea Mercury to unify many devices used in our daily life.

Uniquely designed device with many possibilities:
  • PC
Pangea Mercury allows you to surf, mail, stream movies and even work and play using your TV display. Imagine the feeling to play on a huge display screen.
  • Smartphone
Experience a new dimension of communication by video calls on your TV. Or what about working on your phone and have all your files with you or even playing you favorite games on your television? Now its possible with Pangea Mercury.
  • TV Antenna (DVBT2/OTA)
Enrich your channels by using your Pangea Mercury as your DBVT2 or OTA antenna. One device, endless possibilities.
  • Bluetooth Soundspeaker
You can also use your Pangea Mercury without TV. Just plug our bluetooth soundspeaker and enjoy your favorite music whenever and wherever you want.

Discover Beauty

Pangea Mercury fits perfectly in your Home Cinema System.

With its clean mate design the Pangea Mercury stays harmonically beside your High-Definition System.

Enjoy the elegant beauty.

Discover Diversity

Pangea Mercury modules are your little helpers in your daily life.

Choose between a wide range of usage of your Pangea Mercury and

you'll never again enjoy more something else.

Unleash your Pangea Mercury

Smartphone Module
This module allows you to extend the view on your smartphone on your television. You can lean back on your couch and use it as a game console or surf'n'work.

Surely you can use your Apps like WhatsApp for full screen video calls.
Soundspeaker Module
You can connect your smartphone by bluetooth with it and play all your favorite songs. You can use it everywhere in house even without tv.
TV Module
No mess again. With this module you can through you antenna or other tv receiver away. It will come as a DBV T2 or OTA receiver. So you dont have to many devices again.

Discover Multitasking

Pangea Mercury does not only fits under television.

It brings a wide range of support to many life situations.












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Frequently Asked Questions

In this sections we will try to answer the most frequent questions

Our plan is to release Pangea Mercury in 2018. We know it is a lot of time but we want to be sure to deliver best possible quality.

It will be 299 €. But if you are fast you can secure the Pangea Mercury from 179 € in our Pre-Sale.

Yes, in Q1 2018 we will select the first beta testers to see what we can improve and deliver the best possible quality.

We think about to publishing our 3D designed cases for 3D printers and deliver a DIY Kit.

We'll give a 2 years warranty for Pangea Mercury. But later it will goes up until a lifetime warranty.

That is the best point. You have already upgraded your TV by Pangea Mercury.

Yes of course. We are looking right now for Pangea Ambassadors who represents our sustainable and social vision. Write us

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